Automobile safety reverse camera screen on an interior dashboard

The Future is Here!

Do you remember a time when cars didn’t automatically come with cup holders? Or when heated seats and GPS capabilities became standard in many car models? Well, car design has come a long way since then, marrying design, function and luxury, and is constantly evolving as technology and connectivity continue …

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Sporty Cars to Go With That Active Lifestyle

When picking out your next car, keep in mind what your car needs to fit your lifestyle. Sounds simple, right? No one goes out of their way to pick a car that makes their life harder. However, people do sometimes think that investing in a car with extra features will …

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Couple packing car boot

Curing Your Cabin Fever

Now that winter weather is approaching, it’s easy to spend the next few months camping out at home with family and friends and soaking up the holidays. It’s that time of year, after all, and it would be downright rude not to enjoy at least one cup of ‘nog with …

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No Parts? No Problem!

One of the things to keep in mind when buying a used car is that it may have some history of wear and tear. Depending on the previous owner, a used car can either be the best bargain deal you’ve ever made, or a constantly evolving car repair project. This …

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int flavor

International Flavors

With so many cars out on the road, it’s hard to believe that there are many exotic car models and entire international brands of cars that are not available here in the Unites States. There are many reasons for this. For example, certain car models just won’t work for an …

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Not Your Everyday Set of Wheels..

When it comes to customized vehicles, there are some very unique-looking cars out there.  Many car lovers like to add that something special, or if you’re famous, many of these customizations are necessary to fit your lifestyle. However, there are some specialty cars out there that most of us wouldn’t …

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A Graduate’s Best Bet

For the recent college grad, shopping for a bargain car might seem like a bit of a pipe dream after investing in an education. In fact, most college grads I know are so focused on paying off their loans, that car shopping is more of a fantasy than reality- no …

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The Wave of the Future

One of the best things that we have seen debut in the 2013-14 car cycle have been cars that both marry innovation with top notch design, concept and performance. As technology gets better and much more sophisticated, car designs have been able to adapt and provide luxuries and futuristic options …

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Took a Beating, Kept on Ticking!

One quality that most potential car buyers will agree they’re seeking in a vehicle is durability. Sure, looks, price, and brand are all determining factors- but a smart buyer is considering the future of his purchase. Looks will fade, trends will die off, minor bumps and bruises will occur. If …

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Feed That Need for Speed, Without Going Broke

Every man remembers a time back when he was just a child, fantasizing about driving a car at blazing speeds on a race track or on a long, empty deserted highway. In every one of those daydreams, he was probably sitting behind the wheel of some exotic foreign sports car …

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